Latest IRCTC Tatkal Trick to Book Confirmed Ticket

Since the time IRCTC has blocked ‘Quick Book’ link, getting confirmed tatkal ticket has become even harder. It’s has become almost impossible to get confirmed tatkal ticket ‘the traditional way’. This has forced me to find another trick to get confirmed tatkal ticket. We are going to see the whole procedure in two steps. It is a lengthy process. So stay focused. Requirement To use this technique, you need to have Firefox browser. Install firefox browser if you don’t have it. You also need to install Firebug extension. Once you have firefox browser with firebug extension, you are ready to use this technique. Start The Booking I frequently need to book tickets between NAGPUR (NGP) and AHMEDABAD JN (ADI). So I am going to show you the process of booking tatkal ticket between these two stations. The whole process is divided in two parts and this process works only with trains running daily. Let’s start the process. Part 1: Assume that you are booking ticket on 7th of July, before 8:00 AM and you want to book the ticket for 9th July from ADI to NGP. We want to book ticket in HOWRAH EXPRESS (12833) for 3A class. I am taking HOWRAH EXPRESS as an example because it runs daily. Now initiate the tatkal booking process for 8th of July. But wait, we need ticket for 9th of July. Why am I booking for 8th of July? Well, this process needs you to do so. I will explain the full details later in part 2. As for now, just do as I say. We are not going to actually book the ticket on 8th of July. We will just initiate the booking procedure and stop it when we reach up to the payment gateway page as shown in below. Now click on the ‘Plan my Travel’ link from the navigation bar. Here starts our part-2 where we actually book ticket for 9th of July. Part 2: Since you already started the booking procedure, you now have all form details pre-filled. Select the journey date 9th of July and select quota as General. Again the question comes in mind – Why select quota as General? Well, if you select quota as Tatkal for 9th of July, and assuming that you are booking on 7th of July, before 8:00AM, you won’t be able to pass the first page. You will get the following error. So to avoid the above error, we select the quota as General. We will change the quota in the middle of booking process using the firebug extension. Now start the booking process. Click on “Find Train.” Select the train and class. You will have all the forms already pre-filled by IRCTC web site. When you reach on the Passenger Details page, press F12 key. F12 key opens firebug module in your browser as shown in below image. In the firebug console, search (top-right corner) for “quota” as shown in following image. In the console, you need to change the value=”GN” to value=”CK”. Now close the firebug, enter the captcha and click on Go button. On the Next screen, check the quota detail. It should show Tatkal as quota. You will get the next screen with error. Just ignore the error and click on “Make Payment” button. If you haven’t performed the part 1, then you won’t get Make Payment button option. Without that option, you can’t go ahead. You will be stuck on that page and you will have to do the whole procedure again. So now you know how important is part 1 process. Now you have reached to the payment gateway page. So as soon as it’s 8:00AM in your computer clock, select your prefer payment gateway. Give the payment details and your ticket booking process is complete. So using the above technique you bypass first 3 steps of booking process. You just have to perform only one step in order to complete the ticket booking. This technique is even quicker than “Quick Book” link. Important Notes

  • Make sure that your computer clock shows exact same time of IRCTC server.
  • Complete all steps before 8:00AM. You have to be on payment gateway selection page when it’s 8:00AM.
  • If you complete all steps before 7:56AM then you need to keep session active. Otherwise when you select payment gateway, you will get session expire error.
  • To keep the session active, visit the following link in another browser of your system.
  • You need to change SESSIONID(RED) and BV_EngineID (RED) with your current session ID and BV Engine ID. You can find those values in URL. Visiting the above URL every 3 minutes keeps your session active.
  • This technique works only with trains running daily. If you need to book ticket on train running only 1 or 2 days of week, then you will have to perform few more steps. I will address that situation in my next post.

Since it’s complex procedure, I am sure you will have questions in your mind. Asks your question in comment and I will be here to answer your questions.


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